About us

Al-Tasweeb Company

Al -Tasweeb co. for guarding and security offers you its best regards and would like to display and bring to your attention its profile. The company has been established in 2011, and it is one of the prominent and significant companies in its field of work in Basra city. Al -Tasweeb company had many contracts with other companies like Mitash Turkish Co. ltd. f or electrical tower works, Intermash Russian Co. for irrigation projects, Clean Go UK company, and K.E.C. Demining Co. Al -Tasweeb company has also other contracts related to the protection of investment companies and projects in Karkouk and the south of Iraq as well as the protection of civil and military convoys between cities.

Personnel.       By the means of Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and Personal security details (PSD).

Sites.               By the means of manned check point, access control, static and both mobile and foot patrols.

Assets.             They can be fixed in remote areas or Mobile from site to site. A security Consultant can arrange the correct protection with the client providing the best service limiting any effect to production.

Ad Hoc.            Short noticed task to take staff on a meeting or to the Airport to catch a flight.

Al Tasweeb Company is license and Register by the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Interior Affairs (Private Security Companies Directorate) and concerned security offices. We are authorized to carry weapons in defence of our Clients and have specialized armoured vehicles and equipment to provide a safe working environment.

Past Performance

  • Protection for Mitash Turkish Co. Ltd. For electrical towers.s
  • Protection and security for Intermash Russian Co. in Wassit, Diala and Thi - Qar.
  • Protecting convoys among Iraqi governorates, ports, civil and military locations (Army & private companies).
  • Protecting UK Clean Go Co.
  • Protection for some investment and other concerned companies in the south of Iraq and Karkouk.
  • Protecting investment companies in Basra city.
  • Protecting K.E.C. Demining Co.


To provide a professional security services to our Clients in the Protection of their Personnel and Asset.
Contributing in investing funds and capitals in providing protection and security for VIPs, institutes, chattels and fixed assets. This includes the protection of roads, airports, aircrafts, tour facilities, tour and travel companies, providing securi ty and protection for diplomatic embassies, councils and their staff, fuel stations, private and public companies, oil pipelines, landline and telecommunication systems, towers, and Iraqi, Arab and International under -execution projects. Our services also extend to the protection of factories, private farms, private and governmental exhibitions, convoys and all other protection works. We have the right to practice all allowable legal works according to the needs of the company and the interest of the contra cting parties in accordance with the valid laws. Our company has a license to perform its work, and this license is issued by Companies Registry Office in the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Interior Affairs (Private Security Companies Directorate) and the concerned security offices. We have also been authorized to carry and use the required weapons and armors in addition to the availability of specialized armored vehicles (anti- explosive and trapped bombs) and equipments )Anti -bullet or Metal Jackets).